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Around the world, single handed, non stop, without assistance

Horn sweet home
Thursday, December 30, 2004 - 12:00 pm

Beyond the gateway to the white hell, it’s not necessarily paradise: however, rounding Cape Horn is certainly a moment of relief, but is also a step into freedom. After four weeks or more in the southern seas, the single-handed yachtsmen are finally going to turn left for the final stretch, which is going to mark a major change.
Horn, the mythical rock! A rock located at the tip of South America. At 55° 58’ S and 67° 38’ W. Cape Horn, nicknamed the tough cape by sailors, has only existed since the 16th Century, when Sir Francis Drake, rounded it in 1578. He was to give his name to the straits separating Tierra del Fuego from Antarctica, stretching out to the south by the Graham peninsula and the South Shetland Islands. Only 550 km separate these two continents.But for security reasons, the route was kept secret by the British Admiralty until the Dutch, fed up with the monopoly of the Indian Company, who controlled the Magellan Straits commissioned two boats under the command of Willem Schouten and financed by Jacob Lemaire. The Concorde (360 tonnes, 65 men, 19 cannons) and the Hoorne (110 tonnes, 22 men, 8 cannons) went to look for another way through other than the Magellan Straits ...

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